Blue Planet

We offer you a new take on automation


Conversation over an external Analysis

Nobody knows the processes better than the people who have been working them all along. By engaging directly with those who will be using the application, we cut out the business analist and develop better insight into repetitive processes en the potential for automatisation. Together we choose the first process to automate.

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Development in Synergy

We can start development almost immediatly on the previously chosen process. By thinking together with the enduser great solutions can be found.

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Delivery & Finetuning

After implementation an extended test by the enduser is in order. With their feedback the result is refined and even the architecture can still be amended with relative ease. This is in stark contrast with the surprise issues after delivery of a complete platform, after which the changes that can be applied are limited. Balancing the requirements of the enduser and the overal architecture is extremely complex. Thats why a gradual implementation is the only sane answer.

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Easy transition and an immediate gain in efficiency

The previously implemented module or piece of software is already doing work. This gain in efficiency lets you focus on your mission. Any transition issues are also very small compared to an all-in-one-go transition. The saving accomplished by the delivered automatisation, can also be used for the next digitization step in your company. We can repeat this whole process until everybody is happy.


How our method differs from the classical IT project methodology in respect to delivery

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Classical method

  • One big delivery
  • Development can only start after a big costly study
  • Big difficulty to change the supplier of the software
  • Bigger financial risk
  • The result is often delivered late and you will allmost always run into out of scope issues
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The way we work

  • Gradual deliveries
  • We can start almost immediatly
  • You are less dependent on the supplier of the software
  • Lower financial risk
  • A result will be delivered soon and that way we will have time to adjust course


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