The journey

We're a group of young, ambitious code loving professionals that get a kick from transforming a vision or concept into a digital platform. We’re passionate about what we do and have a lot of fun along the way.
We set up shop in Brussels in 2011, and have been gathering interesting projects and talented people ever since.
Take a look at our references and see what projects helped our digital construction company take off. It might just be that what you're looking for is something we can offer.
We drink coffee, watch Star Trek and try to understand the basics of quantum mechanics. One thing’s for sure, we’re getting better at drinking coffee.

The Company culture


We believe in you, we won't look over your shoulders. Growing as a company can only be done through transferring responsibility. We trust every component of our wonderful machine.

Flat structure

No hierarchy here, just an open mind for dialogue. Change is what drives evolution. We believe addressing issues speeds up the team. Everything is open to discussion and we iron out the wrinkles. Keeping a healthy atmosphere isn’t just important, it’s essential.


A good result is more important than a deadline, we’re all about the quality. Let’s develop with pride, motivation and with code that is representative of our high expectations. We never get calls from disappointed clients, and we aim to keep it that way.


We can’t get it right all the time, but we take every opportunity to grow. We believe honesty is the best policy, clients are humans too. If you make a mistake and learn from it, chances are you’ll never make it again. Own them and miss no opportunity to grow.

No-nonsense & efficiency

We hate long meetings, who doesn’t? Let’s get to the point. No need to sugar coat it or wrap it in a fancy bag, we prefer ideas pure, simple and straightforward. We’d rather have a coffee and talk about black holes or quantum entanglement with you, so let us handle the nitty-gritty.


Our company has been growing steadily since the beginning and we’ll continue growing for the foreseeable future. We'll put the brakes on every now and then, to let our new colleagues get comfortable and add to our puzzle. You too, will grow. Meet your match, follow training courses, and get code reviews by our Wizards of cutting edge code. We’ll support you to become the best you can be.

Our headquarters

Meet the crew

Elise Mertens

Office Manager

Frank Delattin

CEO & founder

Thi Huyen Nguyen

Advanced Developer

Marte de Leeuw

Advanced Developer

Michaël Van Damme

Lead Developer & founder

Reinout Roels


Roeland Matthijssens


Sam Wilkinson

Junior Developer

Sébastien Pinchetti

Advanced Developer

Thomas Vaeyens

Advanced Developer

Vinnie Schelfhaut

Advanced Developer

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