In the past, we have been lucky to work with many great clients from the European Commission to The Museum of Modern Art (New York). If your concept is clear, we'll take on any challenge with a smile.
Since the start of our digital construction days, we've gained a lot of experience and know-how in exam and test software (1), energy consumption and management software (2) and tools for health and well-being (3).


Entrance exam doctor/dentist platform

Blue Planet designed management software to accommodate the Flemish entrance exams for medical and dentistry studies. The platform has been in use since 2017 and has since effortlessly processed over 10.000 yearly attendees with payment, communication and exam processing functionalities. Due to its success, Blue Planet was requested to develop a similar platform for the Walloon counterpart, ARES.
The software has grown each year to more than 15.000 lines of robust code while maintaining a yearly availability rate of over 99.99%.


EXMD/TOSS student exam platform

In 2019, Blue Planet was selected by ARES to develop management software for the yearly entrance exams for medical and dentistry studies in the French part of Belgium, Wallonia. The platform fully automates enrollment, payment, the processing and analysis of the results, as well as communication between participants and organisation.
The application was later adjusted for the yearly orientation test for aspirant veterinarians.
Both applications have since served over 10.000 yearly attendees. Efficient, robust and user-friendly, maintaining an availability rate of over 99.99%.

Leefmilieu Brussel

Central Exam EPB professional platform

The obligation for Energy Performance Certificates on residential housing, created a high demand in trained EPB professionals. The quality of their training varied largely, however, which led to centralization of the training course exam. Blue Planet developed the exam and management software, rendering most of the organisational tasks automatic.
The examination software allowed testing the theoretical and practical knowledge of the candidates.
Since its introduction in 2016, the software maintains an availability rate of over 99.99%.

iBRoad platform

Participating parties developed two online database applications for the EU Horizon2020 iBRoad project: the Renovation Roadmap and the Building Logbook. Home owners can use the tools to discover the optimal renovation roadmap and get a clear vision of their project.
The Building Logbook is like a ‘car passport’ for buildings, whereby the tool keeps track of the status of a building throughout its useful life.


Renewable Energy Systems Certification platform

Blue Planet developed a management platform for certification of installers of small-scale renewable energy systems. This certification is required to obtain subsidization of RES installations from the Regional governments.
The developed software assists the controlling body in validating the prerequisites and information needed for certification.
Since the implementation in 2013, over 4000 applications have been processed, as always with an availability of over 99.99%.


EU household energy consumption gamification

Furthermore, the application used gamification and reward mechanisms to help reduce energy consumption. The project launched pilot projects in three member states, and provided unique consumption data, along with specific gamification strategies.


Mental disorder triage support application

The application (web application and separate iOS and Android mobile apps) uses a complex, scientifically-based decision chart with simple questions to help assess the patient’s condition and the best practices for treatment. The application was completed in February 2020 and will be introduced to the public via the Belgian news channels VRT and RTBF, as soon as the Covid-19 crisis permits new focus areas.